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St. Francis Catholic School currently participates in the SCRIP program which is designed to supplement our school and church programs. This is an attempt to keep our cost under control while still providing the best education and opportunities for our children and parish members. SCRIP is used as substitute money like a gift certificate. It resembles and is redeemed like a gift certificate. TRIP stands for “Tuition ReImbursement Plan.” 50% of the profit earned from your SCRIP purchases will be yours to apply towards next year’s school tuition, preschool, or religious education programs.

SCRIP is available at church each weekend. Look for the scrip table at your church. (St. Mary’s Church has theirs at the side entrance.) Orders can also be left at the St. Henry’s parish office or the school offices to be filled by volunteers within the following two days, depending on inventory. Orders can be sent to school with your child and then sent home with them if you indicate that on the form or picked up at school by you if that is what you choose. SCRIP will be filled at both attendance centers periodically throughout the week.

You can also purchase scrip through which allows for:

  • mobile app that will let you purchase scrip from your phone and have it ready to use in minutes (not all retailers)
  • ecertificates that you can purchase and print nearly immediately
  • you can still order all of our traditional cards but now online
  • you can pay with an ACH from your checking account (they will add a convenience fee of $0.15), and pick up your order at church or school.

Our enrollment code is ALE1L63B1492. When you enroll and set up your checking account you will have two small deposits to your account over a period of a couple of days to verify the account information before you are officially set up. You will then have to provide Brandi Eberle with a four digit code to complete the process.

Please contact Brandi Eberle ( or 751-6559) if you have questions or if you have trouble getting set up online.

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