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Stewardship Opportunities

There are many ways for families to fulfill their Stewardship hour requirement. As stated in the St. Francis Catholic School handbook, “Stewardship hours include any activities that assist the growth of our youth from St. Francis Catholic School or the parishes. Parish activities included are Vacation Bible School, sacramental preparation, Children’s Liturgy of the Word and teaching Faith Formation classes.” No matter what your family’s schedule, whether you have younger or older children, or whether you work or stay at home, there things you can do to participate in your child’s school community. If you don’t see an opportunity listed here that seems right for you, or if you need further explanation of anything listed- please call one of the Home & School Officers and we’ll help you find a way to fill your twenty hours!


  • Homeroom Parent
  • Volunteer in Classroom
  • St. Francis School Board
  • Home & School Officers
  • Promotion Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Snow Removal
  • Wash Childcare Toys
H&S Committees

  • Oktemberfest Parade/Float
  • Conference Food (for staff)
  • School Directory
  • School Picture Day(s)
  • Memory Book
  • Catholic Schools Week
  • Seder Meal
  • Endowment Liaison

  • Coupons, Soup labels, Box Tops, etc.
  • Community Fundraising
  • Book Fair
  • Harvest Ball
  • Fun Fest
  • Uniform Room
  • St. Francis Apparel

  • Kindergarten Parties
  • Student Parties
  • Staff Christmas Gifts
  • Staff Christmas Party Host(s)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Sixth Grade Recognition
  • Kindergarten Recognition