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Home & School Association

St. Francis Catholic School Home & School Association is more than just a parent-teacher organization. It is an essential component of the success of our school, proving every day that we are a community that makes Stewardship a way of life.

Our parent/staff organization is responsible for many events, fundraisers, and resources throughout the year. This includes Lunch on The Lawn, Harvest Ball, book fairs, student parties, appreciation events, Memory Books, Fun Fest, uniform sales, a variety of community fundraisers, and much more.

We communicate through Friday folders, email, the website, and Facebook. A list of H&S officers and committee chairpersons is printed in the school directory. Please refer to the St. Francis Catholic School website and Facebook Page for information about activities and stewardship opportunities. Each family is required to fulfill 20 stewardship hours during each school year, and H&S provides unlimited ways to earn the hours.

H&S meets several times per school year to provide an opportunity for parents, teachers, and staff to gather and communicate about what is going on at our school. At each meeting attendees draw for a non-uniform pass- guaranteed to make some lucky kid very happy! Attendees earn stewardship hours for attending H&S meetings.

Home and School Association Bylaws
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Home & School Officers

  Home & School Officers 2018-2019 Looking for Volunteers

Fundraising Events

Our mission to provide a quality, Christ-centered education for our children is made possible in part by the generous giving of many individuals, organizations, and businesses. At St. Francis Catholic School, our fundraising efforts provide more than just ways to give- they are also opportunities for us to teach our children the values of Stewardship, …

Stewardship Opportunities

There are many ways for families to fulfill their Stewardship hour requirement. As stated in the St. Francis Catholic School handbook, “Stewardship hours include any activities that assist the growth of our youth from St. Francis Catholic School or the parishes. Parish activities included are Vacation Bible School, sacramental preparation, Children’s Liturgy of the Word and …