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 Prices are for standard sizes. Additional cost for sizes 2XL and larger.

cottonPoloShort polyPoloShort
Adult 6.5oz Cotton/PolyRed/Navy/White Short Sleeve Polos


Youth 6.5oz Cotton/polyRed/Navy/White Short Sleeve Polo


longPolos2 longPolos1

Youth Boys 6.5oz Cotton Poly


Long Sleeve Polos


Youth Girls 6.5oz Cotton Poly Navy/White Long Sleeve Polos


jumpers sweatShirt
 Jumpers  $24

8oz Sweatshirt

Youth $22

Adult $25

 hoodedBlue  hoodedRed

 Navy Badger Guardians Hoodie

Youth $40

Adult $40

 Red Badger Guardians Hoodie

Youth $40

Adult $40

 hoodedBlue2 pullover

Navy Cotton/Poly SFC Hoodie


Youth $30

Adult $30

Performance 1/4 Zip Wicking Fleece PulloverRed/Navy

Youth $40

Adult $36

 zipperFleeceRed  zipperFleeceBlue

 Red Zippered Fleece



 Blue Zippered Fleece



 tshirts  tieDyeTshirts


Youth $15

Adult $15

(T-Shirts do not qualify as uniforms)

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Youth $18

Adult $20

(T-Shirts do not qualify as uniforms)