Vision & Beliefs

St. Francis Catholic School
“Quality Education with Christ as the Focus.”

The purpose of this document is to outline the strategic vision of St. Francis Catholic School. This vision is based on providing “Quality Education with Christ as the Focus.” We strive to prepare our children for success in a competitive world while building their faith and character.

St. Francis Catholic School strategic vision is comprised of three components:

Academic Excellence

The children of St. Francis Catholic School will be competing in a global economy. It is up to us to prepare them for the challenge. This includes not only high quality instruction in reading, math and science, but also skills that will allow them to deal effectively with a rapidly changing world. It is important that our students become active, lifelong learners. Our students will need the ability to integrate new knowledge into their daily activities.

  • St. Francis Catholic School will be one of the top 20% of schools in the state of Iowa.
  • St. Francis Catholic School will develop a scorecard that allows us to determine how we are performing against our goal. This scorecard will include both “status” scores that indicate how our students are performing in comparison with others and “growth” scores that measure academic progress over time and across grades.
  • St. Francis Catholic School will ensure that students have the opportunity to realize their full potential through the Extended Learner Program and Assisted Learning Program.
  • In order to prepare our students for using technology that is evolving at a faster rate every year, St. Francis Catholic School will utilize technology in appropriate ways and put that technology in the hands of every student.


St. Francis Catholic School is not only a private school, it is a Catholic school. We hold in utmost importance the development of a Christian attitude and philosophy of life based on the teachings of Christ. We will infuse these teachings into all aspects of the curriculum.

  • St. Francis Catholic School will work to further Christ’s mission by welcoming and encouraging attendance by people of all nationalities and all Christian faiths who recognize the impact of teaching Catholic values as a part of youth formation. This includes encouraging enrollment by the Hispanic community.
  • St. Francis Catholic School will encourage accountability, personal discipline, and work ethic as an important part of character formation.
  • Group and individual prayer and attendance at Mass are part of the practice of faith and will be part of the experience at St. Francis Catholic School.
  • Service to the church and to the greater community will be encouraged and supported. Activities may include fundraising for charity, time for local service projects, etc.
  • St. Francis Catholic School will maintain programs that ensure parents are involved in St. Francis Catholic School through the contribution of their time and talents.

Fiscal Responsibility

The financial health of St. Francis Catholic School is important in ensuring St. Francis Catholic School is available to future generations.

  • Enrollment is an important component of the financial health of St. Francis Catholic School. St. Francis Catholic School will strive to ensure that a Catholic education is available to everyone whose values are aligned with the school vision.
  • Promotion of St. Francis Catholic School is essential in maintaining strong enrollment levels. St. Francis Catholic School will actively engage in promotion and public relations to keep the Marshalltown community and parents aware of the service St. Francis Catholic School provides. We will work to increase the attendance rates from our church community.
  • St. Francis Catholic School will engage alumni and friends to offer a charitable outlet for time, talent and treasure. We will maintain our existing fundraising activities and expand them to incorporate the active growth of our endowment.
  • We will engage in a program of continuous improvement and solicit feedback from our parents in an effort to increase the level of satisfaction with St. Francis Catholic School.
  • St. Francis Catholic School will maintain Pre-school, Child Care and Before/After School programs to better meet the needs of parents and attract students to St. Francis Catholic School. These programs will align with “Quality Education with Christ as a Focus” in their activities.