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Why St. Francis?

Why Catholic Education at St. Francis Catholic School?

Choosing a school for our children is an important decision that has an enormous impact on your child’s future. Not only does St. Francis Catholic School provide a rigorous academic education, but also teaches important values through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Here are some of the benefits of the Catholic education children receive at St. Francis Catholic School:

  • VALUES AND FAITH – We teach Christian values and require students practice those values in daily life
  • SERVICE LEARNING – We offer many service learning projects that instill values of service to others
  • STRONG ACADEMICS – We have high academic standards and continual work on improvement and integrating the latest research and technology.
  • HIGH PARENT INVOLVEMENT – We believe in working as a team with parents and encourage significant parental involvement
  • CARING, NURTURING, AND SAFE ENVIRONMENT – We not only teach Christian values, but require all of our staff and students to practice the values of love and compassion with others.
  • COMMITTED EDUCATORS – All our teachers continually work on both academic and Catholic development in their own teaching. We also practice a distributed leadership model that relies on every teacher showing a commitment through leading various projects.
  • A GOOD INVESTMENT – We work hard at keeping tuition low through maximizing fundraising. We also have significant financial aid options through Our Faith, Our Future School Tuition Organization, Archbishop Kucera Student Tuition Assistance Awards, and Archbishop Kucera Minority Student Awards.
  • ACCESSIBLE – Our enrollment is open to all students regardless of faith, and yes, tuition assistance is available for non-Catholic families as well.