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Reading Interventions

Phonemic Awareness               Phonics               Fluency       Comprehension                   Vocabulary   Taken/linked to AEA267 ELI Web Site – https://www.aea267.k12.ia.us/leadership/learning-opportunites/eli/


**All translators listed can and will translate written documents. NAME PHONE EMAIL  Yesi Sanchez  641-750-7571  yesi8sanchez@gmail.com Kelly Chua (after 4 p.m.) 641-691-2177 kellyfchua@yahoo.com Maria Alfaro (evenings & Friday afternoons) 641-328-4007 malfarogarcia_1987@yahoo.com Diana Moreno (documentation only) 641-481-0017 d.emartinez@yahoo.com Rocio Villagomez (can call at work during day) 641-754-1160 (w) 641-691-0071 (c) rocio.i.shot@hotmail.com Wendy Soltero (possible lunch hour …