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Dress Code

Uniform Options

The principal has the discretion to dismiss a student from school for wearing anything that interferes with the learning environment: (Certain earings, varying hairstyles, etc.)
Students not in accordance with the St. Francis Catholic School dress code policy will be given a dress code notice. After three notices, the student will receive a detention.
The official jumper, skirt and skort may be purchased through the Dennis Uniform Company. Call St. Francis Catholic School for information. St. Francis Catholic School has a uniform room located at the St. Mary Attendance Center where new and used uniform items may be purchased.

  • Navy blue or Khaki dress slacks
  • Shirts tucked ins
  • Belt required if there are belt loops for students in grades 3-6
  • Navy, red, or white
  • Long or short sleeves
  • Collar and button or turtlenecks
  • Official St. Francis mock turtle necks
  • No logos except the Guardian logo
  • Navy, red, or white sweaters
  • Must wear a school shirt underneaths
  • No logs except the official St. Francis logo
  • Official St. Francis sweatshirt (red, white, or navy)
  • Must wear a school shirt underneath
  • Dress shoes
  • Athletic shoes
  • No sandals or cowboy boots
  • Official school uniform jumper, skirt, or skorts
  • Must be worn with school shirt
  • tights (solid red, white, or navy) must be worn underneath during the winter months

These exceptions are in effect for the months of April, May, June, August, September and October:
Navy blue dress shorts (no sport shorts or cut-offs)
Navy blue skort
Heel-strapped sandals


If a student does not have snow pants or boots, they are not allowed to play in the snow. However, they will still be sent outside and restricted to hard surface areas. No snowball throwing is allowed. Guidelines for recess (including wind chill) are:

Temperature/Weather Conditions Clothing required
Below 55° F Jacket
Soggy, Wet Conditions (i.e. Spring Thaw) Boots
 Below 40° F but no snow Coat, Hat, Gloves
 Below 40° F with snow Above plus Boots & Snow Pants
 Below 0° F Stay inside