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Cold Weather Guidelines

During the winter, we find that a few parents request that their child(ren) be allowed to stay inside during recess. To assist us in planning for adequate supervision, you are reminded that you need to send a note if your child is to stay inside. We can honor a note from you for a maximum period of two days. If your child needs to stay in for an extended period of time (3 or more days), you will need to send a doctor’s written excuse. Please send your child(ren) to school dressed appropriately for the weather. If a student does not have snow pants or boots, they are not allowed to play in the snow. However, they will still be sent outside and restricted to hard surface areas. No snowball throwing is allowed. Guidelines for recess (including wind chill) are:

Temperature/Weather Conditions Clothing required
Below 55° F Jacket
Soggy, wet conditions (i.e. Spring thaw) Boots
Below 40° F but no snow Coat, Hat, Gloves
Below 40° F with snow Above plus Boots & Snow Pants
Below 0° F Stay Inside