St Henry and St Mary New Mass Times

The new weekend Mass times at St Henry and St Mary churches will take effect May 4 and 5.  Visit the St. Henry website (link) for more information!

Muffins with Mom

You Don’t want to miss this!!! April 18 at 7:30am in the school gym. Enjoy muffins, coffee and juice. Moms, grandmas, aunts, or another significant females to students are welcome.

Summer Childcare

We had a large interest in restarting summer childcare. Therefore, we will be opening it up if we get at least 8 summer contracts signed by May 5. Please contact Deb Heil for more information. Contract is available on the school’s front web page under the Childcare Heading

Fun Fest

Fun Fest is Friday May 3rd from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. A green pre-order form went with the oldest child in the family last week. Please look for it. You can pre-order and pay for food, wristbands and game tickets. A pink sheet of raffle tickets went home with every student. Please try to sell the tickets. The class that sells the most raffle tickets will earn a pizza party!!

  • There will be Inflatables, face painting, carnival games and prizes. $10 wristbands get you unlimited inflatable time & plays at the games or individual tickets for $0.25 each.
  • There will be food–hot dogs, street tacos, chips, cookies, fruit and drinks for purchase. There will be multiple types of entertainment throughout the evening.
  • Swift’s Greenhouse will once again be sponsoring a plant sale!
  • RAFFLE! You will have a chance to win a Green Mountain Grill, $300 Gift Certificate to Black Tire Bike Company, along with a helmet, or 20 free passes to the Marshalltown Aquatic Center.
  • At 5:30 there will be a Donut Dash—a short and sweet trip around the block with a Donut Break half way! Registration begins at 5 pm. ($10 per child, $15 per adult, or $30 per family.)
  • New this year—Vendors! Check out the vendors and see what goods they have.

We need LOTS of volunteers to staff all the games.  Adults and children in 2nd grade or higher have opportunities to volunteer. Sign Up is at 100s of volunteers are needed to make this event possible.   Please sign up!

May Crowning

May Crowning Mass is May 2. Please send flowers with your student if possible. One flower, real or fake, any kind or color. They’ll be put in a basket for mass and not returned. We will have a bag of fake flowers if anyone forgets but we definitely do not have enough for everyone. Thank you.

Transportation Reimbursement

The transportation reimbursement forms are due to the Public School District office May 1.  Responsibility to prove submission lies with the parent or legal guardian. Therefore, we recommend you have the public school sign the “Received by” then make a copy for your records. St. Francis plays no role in collection of these forms.

Tip Nights Thank You

Thank you to all who worked and who contributed. Pizza Ranch Night made $372.74 and HyVee Night made $311.61.

Good Friday Retreat

We are offering a free retreat for students on Good Friday. Parents are welcome for any part of the day, especially walking the cross and 3pm service.

8:00am   Doors will open with drop-off like a usual school day.
8:30am   Group Prayer in the gym.
8:45am   Video about Holy Week
9:15am   Prayer Centers (Casting Lots, Crown of Thorns, Bitter Gall, Simon of Cyrene, Simon Peter, Temple Curtain, Unleavened Bread, Foot Washing, King of the Jews, 30 Pieces of Silver, Paradise)
11:45am  Lunch
12:00pm  Recess
12:30pm  Large Group center in Gym
1:00pm    bathroom break then meet at St. Henry
1:30pm    Walk the cross to St. Mary
2:30pm    break
3:00pm    Good Friday Service at St. Mary
4:00pm    Dismissal – pick up 1st Street north bound in field where school used to be
Parents are welcome for any part of the day, especially walking the cross and 3pm service.

SCRIP Inventory Coordinator needed.

We are in desperate need for a scrip inventory coordinator. The volunteer inventories stock and places orders for gift cards each week. Contact Dr. Herrick if you are willing to head this task.

Book Fair

The Scholastic Book Fair will be open the week of Apr. 29- May 2, after school until 4:30. We hope you will come support the Fair as the money we make from it is spent on the St. Francis Accelerated Reading program. You can also make purchases online from Apr. ??-May ?. We need volunteers to sign up for cashiers, set-up (Apr. 29 from 8:30am-10:00), and tear down (May 2 from 4:30-5:30), please. Contact Jessica Fors at

7th Grade Immunizations

Current 6th grade will need the Tdap immunization and Meningococcal immunization before going into 7th grade.

Coke Rewards Volunteers

Help is needed to enter Coke rewards!  Contact if you are willing to help.

Kucera Grant Notice

The School Board of St. Francis Catholic School is the recipient of a $13,960 Archbishop Kucera Student Tution Assistance Award and a $5,950 Archbishop Kucera Minority Student Award from the Education Development Fund of the Archdiocese of Dubuque for the purpose of providing tuition assistance to those families who can least afford the cost of attending a Catholic School. A portion of the grant was also directed towards tuition assistance for minority students who quality for National School Lunch Program. Awards for these two programs totaled $500,000 for the 2016/17 program year. The Archbishop Kucera Grant Awards annually provides $100,000 for faith formation resources and leadership development for faith formation leaders, catechists, Catholic school administrators and teachers. The grant also covers one third of the program cost for adults enrolled in the Archdiocesan IMPACT program. The Archdiocesan Educations Development Fund was developed for the purpose of supporting the educational programs for the Archdiocese. This is the thirtieth year that grants have been awarded. Over 9.5 million dollars have been distributed since the Archdiocesan Educational Development Fund was established. Grants are made possible through the generous donations of contributors and parishioners throughout the Archdiocese.


As the holiday dinners and Christmas shopping approach, don’t forget to use scrip gift cards to budget your purchases and to earn money for St. Francis and as a tuition credit for yourself! Send orders to school to be filled the next day or visit the scrip table at weekend Masses.  Not sure how SCRIp works?  Find out how by contacting Brandi at or  It is easy and doesn’t cost any more than you are already spending.

Help For Victims Of Sexual Abuse

The Archdiocese of Dubuque has established a program of pastoral assistance to people who believe they or those in their care have  been sexually abused as minors by clergy or other Church personnel. This assistance will include help in informing civil and Church  authorities. Victim Assistance Coordinators are trained to facilitate access to appropriate professional mental health services,  social service agencies, support groups and/or individuals who can provide spiritual care. Any individual desiring help from this  program is invited to call toll free (563) 556-1225 or 866-319-4636 to report an allegation or receive assistance. This program is  part of the “Policy for the Protection of Minors.” If you have questions, please contact the Office for the Protection of Children at or 563-556-2580 ext. 227

Homework Helpers

At St. Francis School we offer a program called Homework Helpers for kindergartners through sixth graders.  It is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:15-3:45 and will begin on Tuesday, September 11.  Students participating may drop in when needed (with parent permission) or stay consistently after school on all of those days to get extra help with any homework they may have. Teachers rotate for the supervision of this program; therefore, your child may not have their own classroom teacher for the Homework Helpers session. We ask that the time not be used for independent reading/AR because that is something that is quite easy to accomplish at home. We want to key in on helping students acquire their math, reading, and content area skills. If students decide during the school day that they would like to stay for Homework Helpers, we will allow them to use the phone to get permission from a parent. We also ask that students are picked up promptly at 3:45 at the main door. Homework Helpers is an ideal time to get that extra needed help in any subject area. Please let us know if you have any questions about Homework Helpers.

Bi-Lingual Parents Wanted!

We are looking to update our translator lists.  We frequently need documents translated and we are always looking for translators for conferences and parent meetings.  Please contact Dr. Herrick if you are willing to serve the school in this way.  Thank you!

Free/Reduced Lunch

If you are below certain income thresholds, you may qualify for Free or Reduced Price lunches. You can get an applicaiton from our web site under “Current Families” -> “Free and Reduced Lunch”.

Household Size 2 3 4 5
Annual Income Limit for Free $21,398 $27,014 $32,630 $38,246
Annual Income Limit for Reduced $30,451 $38,443 $46,435 $54,427

Amazon Will Donate Us Part of Sales

Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to charitable organizations.   If you shop at AmazonSmile ( and choose St. Francis Catholic School, Marshalltown they will give the percentage of what you have purchased. Thank you for helping our school in this easy way.


Absence or Pick Up Changes – Call the Office

If your child is sick, you need to call the office every day they will be absent before 8 am. . Not just the first day. For example, your child has fever so you called in sick. 2nd day they still have a fever, call in again. If it’s a known multiple day illness you can let us know the set days on the first day. For example, absent next 4 days due to tonsil surgery. Also, call before 2:45 pm if  you need to pick up your child early or if there is a change to their normal pick-up routine. Email does not suffice as any given day recipients might be absent or too busy to check their email. Calling the office is by far the best way to ensure everyone gets the message.


If you would like a new bag for SCRIP orders, please contact Sue Fink at If you don’t know what this is about, it is a way to earn money toward your tuition. See the school web page under “Ways to Give” -> “SCRIP” for more information or contact Sue Fink.

Blue or Black Ink Only on Checks

Please use black or blue ink when writing checks to the school. If you use another color and the bank’s scanner cannot read it, they reserve the right to reject the check.

Bring Your Own Device

Now that we’ve dealt with our last two technical issues, we hope to begin our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) after Christmas. That is, allowing those who choose to bring a computer device of their own for personal school use. Windows, Android, and Linux laptops and tablets definitely work. Mac laptops and iPads work with a little convincing. Chromebooks haven’t been tested but officially support our technology so I’m confident they’ll work too. More details on policies, procedures, and safety will be released later. This is just a quick notice in case it applies to anyone’s Christmas shopping.

Returned Checks

Effective immediately, all checks to the school (including SCRIP) that have been returned for insufficient funds or closed account will be charged at $25 returned check fee.

St. Francis Playground

The St. Francis playground is technically a private playground. I’m not going to close it after school hours, but please refrain from using it during school hours. Our biggest issue is parents bringing 3/4 year old toddlers during afternoon recess (2:44-3:05) and immediately after school while they wait for older siblings. We are staffed appropriately for older kids, but do not have the manpower to add additional staff for non-students. Please keep your non-school kids with you while you wait for your older children to be released.

Severe Student Allergies

We have a number of students with severe allergies. Please help us by following these guidelines:

1.) Do not bring pets of any kind. If you have a dog with you at drop-off/pick-up, please leave it in the vehicle. If you must walk them, keep them in the west field when kids are not present. Also, do your best to keep clothes clean of pet dander.

2.) Avoid peanuts. Please don’t send items that have peanut dust (i.e bags of peanuts) with your student for lunch. Avoid peanut butter, but if you must, make sure the classroom teacher knows it’s there so she can seat students at lunch accordingly.

3.) We don’t know of any severe latex allergies at this time, but it’s best to get in the habit of avoiding that too.

Low Cost Internet at Home

The recent technology survey shows that 91% of St. Francis Catholic students have internet at home. The school can utilize more tools and homework options if we can reach 100%. To help achieve that goal the following service providers offer high speed internet to low income families starting at $9.95/mo. Check out these programs if you’re interested in getting internet at home.

CenturyLink Internet Basics –

Mediacom Connect2Compete –

Shopping through Goodshop

If you are shopping online please consider shopping through Goodshop which is found on the page. St. Francis School will earn $$$$ if you do so. Searching through this website earns money for the school also.