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Frequently Asked Questions

For specific questions, please consult your handbook or contact the following:

  • Administrative questions (registration, tuition payments, lunch program, calendar, handbook, policy & procedure): School offices – 753-7977
  • Childcare questions (check in/out procedures, payments): Childcare Director 753-7977 or school offices
  • SCRIP questions: Sue Fink at 753-6953 or
  • Home & School questions (fundraisers, committees, parties): H&S officers, attend H&S meetings, or contact school offices
  • Sacramental Preparation (First Reconciliation, First Communion): Parish offices and St. Mary/St. Henry Religious Education Director.
  • Stewardship Hours questions: contact one of the offices, a board member, a mentor.

If you can’t find the answer on the web site, let the office know. Most of these topics are covered in detail in the handbook. For any question, at any time, please call a St. Francis Catholic School Board member or the school offices. If we don’t immediately have an answer we will get one for you.  Ask and you shall receive! Some frequently-asked questions:

How can I make sure I get all the current information about what’s going on at school?
Information is sent by email and/or hard-copy. Sign up for emails under “Current Families” -> “News & Communication” -> “eNewsletter Sign-up” and you will receive frequent messages from the principal regarding current events at St. Francis Catholic School. If you prefer to receive hard-copies of updates or the newsletter o en español, let the office know.

Where do I get uniforms?
There is a uniform room under the balcony with gently used uniform items available for $2 per item. You may visit the uniform room whenever school is open. New uniforms may be purchased anywhere items fitting the criteria are sold, with the exception of the jumpers, skorts, and skirts which must be purchased through Dennis Uniform Company or Lands End. Forms are available at the offices or you may order online through the Dennis Uniform Company Website. Special items with the St. Francis Catholic School logo will be available a few times per year; order forms will be sent home with your child.

How do I know what supplies I need to provide for my child?
Supply checklists are available here on the website, through the school offices, and supply list kiosks at participating stores prior to school starting. If other items are requested throughout the year, you will be notified by your child’s teacher.

How do I purchase meal tickets?
We utilize an electronic system that works with a pin number. We do not use tickets. Lunch credits can be purchased from the school offices.

What are the fundraisers?
St. Francis Catholic School employs several large and small fundraisers. They include, but aren’t limited to, the teacher’s fall product sale, Harvest Ball, Fun Fest, SCRIPtrash-for-cash, and others. For more fundraising opportunities contact a Home & School officer or the school offices.

How are fundraising dollars used?
Very simply, all money raised goes back into the school to cover any and all operating costs. Detailed questions about St. Francis’s budget is available at any time. Contact a board member or the principal.

How do I find out information about committees and how do I sign up?
If you think you may be interested in a committee, you can contact the Home & School Officers or the school office for a description. To sign up, simply let one of the Home & School Officers know you’re interested, and they will help you.

What is the box top program, and how do I participate?
The box top program is part of St. Francis Catholic School’s “trash-for-cash” endeavor, which also includes Goodsearch, recycled ink cartridges, Amazon Smile, and more. Clipped labels can be sent to the school with your child at any time. For more question , or to help with this program, contact Sue Fink at 753-6953 or Click here for a complete list.

What are the guidelines for volunteering in the classroom?
Volunteering in the classroom is arranged between the parent and the teacher whose class it is. Anyone who volunteers more than an hour per week must participate in a one-time Safe Environment training. You may complete the training online.

How do I know if my child needs lunch money?
A note will be sent home with your child if you need to purchase more lunch credits, log into PowerSchool and see your balance, or you may call the school office to find out the information.

When is First Communion?
Sacramental preparation and scheduling is done outside of school at the student’s registered parish. Contact the Director of Religious Education for both parishes.

When are school pictures?
School picture information is sent home with the students as soon as the school receives the information from the photography company, usually a week or two prior to picture day. Contact the school office for more details.

How can I place an order for SCRIP?

  1. SCRIP orders can be dropped off at either building or sent with students to school. Orders sent to school may be picked up in the office or sent home with a student.
  2. SCRIP is for sale after each weekend Mass at both churches. Orders may be left at St. Henry’s Parish Office, which will be filled on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Orders left at St. Mary’s Parish Office are filled on Mondays and Fridays, or more frequently depending on special requests.
  3. SCRIP is usually for sale at most school functions.
  4. You can also purchase scrip through
  5. Click here for an order form.

Who do I contact for questions regarding SCRIP?
Contact Sue Fink at 753-6953 or, or call the school office.