Booster Club

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The St. Francis Guardian brings to mind virtues of angels, knights, caretakers, and others who set aside their own well-being for the sake of others. This sentiment illustrates both the protection we wish to provide our children and the seed of faithful Christian citizenship we plant in their hearts.

What: The St. Francis Capital Endowment Fund guards the School’s mission and vision by providing financial support to improve facilities and education.

How: Only the interest from this fund is distributed so you can be certain your gift will make a difference for many years to come. The interest can only be spent on capital or onetime needs to guarantee the funds are always available to tackle new needs each year. The donors to the Booster Club influence how money is spent. Each year, active Booster Club members vote on capital needs selected by the Booster Club board, Principal, and School Board President. The resulting vote will determine the project(s) to be funded. Your vote helps ensure the interest is spent on what you think is important.

Booster Club Season Ticket Options
$250 Season Ticket – 1 seat (1 vote)
$1000 Loge Box – 5 seats (5 votes)
$2500 Press Box – 15 seats (15 votes)
(Gifts above $2500 are eligible for maximum 15 votes)

Please consider becoming a member of the St. Francis Guardians Booster Club with any gift amount. Click on brochure at the top for donation form.

Past Projects

2019 – Citrix Thin Clients
2018 – Playground Slide (couldn’t get the part so money carried over to 2019)
2017 – Preschool Sandbox
2016 – Volleyball poles
2015 – Water Foundation with bottle FIller Drinking Fountain