Volunteer Hours

There seems to be a lot of confusion about volunteer hours. To clarify:

  • Each family needs to complete 20 hours. Not 20 hours per student.
  • You are responsible for signing up for opportunities. The school will not assign jobs to you nor will we chase you if you are not getting your hours completed.
    • Additionally, the school is not responsible forĀ inventing opportunities in July for you. You need to take advantage of opportunities as they arise throughout the year.
  • Submit completed hours online under “Ways to Give” -> “Stewardship Hours Record” or send a list to the office with dates, events, hours to the office
  • You have until August 1 to complete. This allows for VBS and other summer opportunities. However, if you’ve completed your hours, you may also use summer hours for next year. Summer can be used for this year or next year, not both.
  • Not completing volunteer hours results in $20 per hour. So if you don’t submit hours, you will be billed $400 in September.
    • With staff turnover, last year did not get processed properly. That has been corrected. So just because you got away with it last year, do not assume you’ll get away with it this year.
  • List of opportunities is available on the school web site under “Ways to Give” -> “Volunteer Needs” (this list is not exhaustive, other opportunities through home and school and directly with teachers may also exist.)